Urban Apologetics with Curtis J. McDaniel

Join us tonight at 8pm for Deep Question Thursdays as we discuss Urban Apologetics with Curtis McDaniel.

Urban Apologetics seeks to make a defense, within the urban inner-cities of America which are most generally dense multi-ethnic neighborhoods. As African Americans and Latin American people make up a vast majority of the urban inner-cities, Urban Apologetics is gauged towards answering the trying questions and claims many of their religious groups assert. Therefore, we’ll be examining the core beliefs of religious groups such as, the Hebrew Israelites, the Nation of Islam and many more. We’ll also look more deeply into the issues of origin and identity, collective restoration, and how Africa shaped Western Christianity. We will be examining all of this with scripture, so bring your bibles!

Rutgers University – College Ave Student Center room 413, 8pm. FREE PIZZA!

Join us for Deep Question Thursdays!

Ratio Christi is a Christian Club at Rutgers University that seeks to help students develop a deep faith that is their own by wrestling with the tough questions of the Bible, theology, and spirituality that are often encountered in the contemporary world. 

Everyone is welcome at Ratio Christi Rutgers: we are a truly non-denominational club that is open to students of all backgrounds and faiths, as well as those who are skeptical, or professed atheists.
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