Welcome New Students to Ratio Christi Rutgers

Interested in the important questions of life? Why are you here? What is your purpose in life? How about questions on religion, spirituality, and philosophy? Or science, morality, history, and psychology?

Ratio Christi Rutgers is here to help you explore the answers to all these questions and more!

We believe that as you transition into adulthood, its important to wrestle with the deeper questions about life. You should form an understanding of why you are here on earth, and what you should do with the valuable gift of life you have been given.

Ratio Christi Rutgers is about forming relationships, deepening your faith, making a difference in the world — and helping you to answer the big questions in life.

Our student-led club seeks to engage with you on a deeper level by challenging your long-held beliefs, addressing your doubts, and seeking meaningful answers to the deep questions about life. 

Check out what some of our current and former members have to say:

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What are some of your favorite memories from your involvement with Ratio Christi at Rutgers University?
An Alumnus Speaks About His Experience with Ratio Christi at Rutgers

Here are the many ways in which you can be involved with us at Ratio Christi:

  • Small Groups – Connect with a group of students for fellowship, prayer, and to wrestle with the Bible. This isn’t your ordinary life group; we seek to go deep into the meaning of the Scripture and we don’t shy away from the difficult questions.
    • Weekly Bible Study and Prayer on Saturday mornings
    • Early Church Fathers on Tuesday mornings
  • Book Club – Each semester we read through a different book together and discuss its cultural, practical, and spiritual implications. In the past we have read C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, Dostoevsky’s’ The Brothers Karamazov, and J. Warner Wallace’s God’s Crime Scene.  We have also read an anthology on the Problem of Evil (if God is good, why does He allow evil, pain, and suffering). This anthology contained points of view from both Christians and non-Christians.
  • Tuesday General Meetings – On Tuesday nights we explore all your questions about faith and the Bible. Everyone is welcome to join these discussions regardless of your personal beliefs. We explore topics such as: Is the Bible Reliable?, Does Science Make Religion Unnecessary?, How is Christianity Different from Other Religions?, How do we Know that God Exists?, Does all Human Life have Value? And much, much more. Our meetings usually follow a format of a presentation from a speaker, Q&A, and then open discussion.
  • Special Events – From time to time we host special community-wide events such as Q&A sessions with the student body, guest speakers (such as Frank Turek and Mary Jo Sharp), unity worship events, museum trips, and nature outings.
  • Pure Fellowship – We gather several times per year, including summers, for fellowship, good conversation, and fun. We have had bonfires, gone hiking as a group, and we hope to go on a road trip together at some point in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Check us out on the platforms below, and connect with us! We would love to hear from you.

Join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RatioChristiRutgersU/

Via Email at: Rutgers@RatioChristi.org

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