What is the Purpose of Life

Welcome to the Fall 2022 Semester!

Ask yourself: What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Join us as we discuss these important questions at Ratio Christi Rutgers.

Purpose of Life .:. Ratio Christi Rutgers
What is the Purpose of Life? – Thursday Night – 7:30 – Cap and Skull Room 413 – College Ave Student Center

This September, we will discuss the important question: “What is the purpose of life?”

We will feature this question at the Involvement Fair on September 5th, and invite you to come give us your answer at our booth. In our weekly meetings, we will discuss various perspectives from various viewpoints, and we encourage all students, Christian and non-Christian, who are willing to have deep conversations to come join us.

Our Involvement Fair booth will be located at Table 731 in between Bishop Place and Seminary Place on College Ave

What is Ratio Christi Rutgers?

Each month during the semester, we will focus on an important theme related to the purpose and meaning of life. We will explore topics such as:

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • Where do we derive moral standards?
  • When does life begin?
  • What value does human life have?
  • Do we have any responsibility towards other humans? Towards the planet?
  • etc..

Join us as we discuss these important life questions that have occupied the minds of history’s greatest thinkers. As always, we encourage honest and thoughtful discussion and welcome viewpoints from all perspectives.

This month: What is the purpose of life?

As you enter college, you are in a period of transition into adulthood. As you prepare for your future, it is vitally important that you examine the greater question, what is the purpose of life? Why am I here?

We will be meeting Thursdays 7:30-9:15 PM in Room 413 of the College Ave Student Center

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