Learn Biblical Greek .:. Rutgers Christian Club

TUESDAY at NOON: Learn Biblical Greek (Koine Greek)

Join us as we learn to read the Bible in its original language. We will meet in the CASC (College Ave Student Center) Caffeteria.

This will be an informal learning environment, and all materials will be provided.

Why study Biblical Greek?

Leaning Biblical Greek will allow you to go deeper into the Word of God, unlocking layers of meaning, and will enhance your study of the scriptures.  Here are some additional benefits that you will gain from studying Biblical Greek:

  1. You will be able to determine and critique whether an English translation is the best choice. Greek can be a more nuanced language than our English, and it often takes several words to truly convey the full meaning of a Greek word. Learning to read the Bible in its original language, will help bring a fuller understanding of the text. For example, did you now that there are four words for love in Greek? Each has its own meaning that is lost in the translation.
  2. You will see things in the  Greek that you just cannot see in an English Bible; Scripture truly comes to life when studied in the original.
  3. You will gain a better understanding of the Biblical culture.  The Bible wasn’t written in a vacuum, but within a culture. Language itself carries cultural meaning and understanding.  The way words are used can greatly influences what a culture believes and values; it colors how it sees the world.

We will meet on Tuesdays at noon in the College Ave Student Center cafeteria. See you there!

Ratio Christi is a Christian Club at Rutgers University that seeks to help students develop a deep faith that is their own by wrestling with the tough questions of the Bible, theology, and spirituality that are often encountered in the contemporary world. 

Everyone is welcome at Ratio Christi Rutgers: we are a truly non-denominational club that is open to students of all backgrounds and faiths, as well as those who are skeptical, or professed atheists.
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