Fall Meeting Schedule 2018 – Ratio Christi Rutgers


Bring your toughest questions and we will strive together to unearth the answers.

Our Deep Question Thursdays are the perfect place to express doubts and wrestle with life’s big questions. As the Proverbs say, “Iron sharpens iron; so we sharpen one another.” Ratio Christi at Rutgers provides a safe and encouraging environment to have open and honest questions about the Christian faith and its place in the world. We encourage all thoughtful students to attend, both Christians and non-Christians, for open and deep discussions.

We meet on Thursday nights at 8:00 PM at the College Ave Student Center in New Brunswick, Room 413.

Fall Schedule of Topics (subject to change)


6th – Can you be a Christian and an Intellectual?

13th – The Great Narrative – An Overview of the Scripture

20th – What is a Christian Culture and Does it Really Even Matter?

27th – Sex is not Morally Neutral


4th – Taking it to the Streets: Urban Apologetics

11th – Shattering Western Idols

18th – Will you be Bored in Heaven? Everything you wanted to know about Heaven

25th – Can you Lie to a Nazi and other Questions about Ethics


1st – Ask Us Anything – Open Discussion

8th – Did God Command Genocide?

15th – What is Time and will Eternity Seem Like Forever?

22nd – Thanksgiving – No Meeting

29th – If God is Good, then Why does He send People to Hell?


6th – Old Testament Prophecies and the Messiah of Christianity

13th – Does God Desire Beauty and what Role does it Play in the Christian Faith?

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