Deep Question Tuesdays

Bring your toughest questions and we will strive together to unearth the answers.

This month’s discussion theme: Misunderstandings of Christianity: What We Really Believe

Our Deep Question Tuesdays are the perfect place to express doubts and wrestle with life’s big questions. As the Proverbs say, “Iron sharpens iron; so we sharpen one another.” Ratio Christi at Rutgers provides a safe and encouraging environment to have open and honest questions about the Christian faith and its place in the world. We encourage all thoughtful students to attend, both Christians and non-Christians, for open and deep discussions.

This semester, we will start a short film series in which we interview students on the campus about their views on God, life, and Christianity. We also will continue to have presentations and readings on various apologetic topics, as well as including a time of worship and praise music.

We meet every Tuesday at 9:00 PM In-Person in the Livingston Board Room in the Livingston Student Center, starting on September 12th.


Deep Querstion Thursdays at Rutgers
Deep Question Tuesdays at Rutgers