The Problem of Evil Discussion Group

TUESDAYS at 2 PM: the Problem of Evil

Join us as we discuss this toughest of challenges to the Christian Worldview: the Problem of Evil.

We will meet in the College Ave Student Center, Second Floor Lounge. (Unless otherwise noted)

What is the Problem of Evil? The existence of evil and suffering in our world seems to pose a serious challenge to belief in the existence of a perfect and loving God. If God were all-knowing, it seems that God would know about all of the horrible things that happen in our world. If God were all-powerful, God would be able to do something about all of the evil and suffering. Furthermore, if God were morally perfect, then surely God would want to do something about it. And yet we find that our world is filled with countless instances of evil and suffering. These facts about evil and suffering seem to conflict with the orthodox theist claim that there exists a perfectly good God.

How do we answer such challenges? Join us as we wrestle with this issue. Tuesdays at 2pm College Ave Student Center, second floor lounge.

Ratio Christi is a Christian Club at Rutgers University that seeks to help students develop a deep faith that is their own by wrestling with the tough questions of the Bible, theology, and spirituality that are often encountered in the contemporary world. 
Everyone is welcome at Ratio Christi Rutgers: we are a truly non-denominational club that is open to students of all backgrounds and faiths, as well as those who are skeptical, or professed atheists.
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