Three Views on Hell

A discussion on the three prevailing views of hell: annihilationism, universalism, and eternal damnation by Vas Avramidis.

Which of these three views on hell and damnation align most closely with the bible? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each view? Watch the video below to learn more.

Rutgers University Ratio Christi Presents: Deep Questions

Three Views on Hell

This meeting recording was from our Ratio Christi Rutgers meeting that occurred on November 18th, 2021. The presentation was an overview of three different views on hell. About Vas: Vas is an artist, writer, herbalist, and apologist. He serves and teaches in the Church as a community apologist and is also one of the chapter directors and chaplains for Ratio Christi Rutgers. He holds degrees in art and theology, from SUNY Empire State College and St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology and Seminary, respectively. Vas believes apologetics is important, because (in his words): “it is not only important to know what you believe, but why you believe.” His personal testimony emphasizes this statement. To learn more about Vas and his testimony, visit his website at

Watch more at: Rutgers Ratio Christi YouTube Channel

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